Small errors in drug labeling, medical product packaging, misinformation and design can turn in to big problems – and you need a product liability attorney in New York and New Jersey to help you. When unsafe or mislabeled drugs are released to the public, you should be aware that you could be compensated if you are hurt by a defective product or a drug involved in a drug recall.

Drug Recalls, poor instructions, lack of follow up - these are situations can that lead to big problems.The Attorneys at Asta and Associates can help review your case and will work to ensure you receive the highest compensation possible should your claim have merit.

Even if you feel at fault, there are a host of reasons – such as, poor design and faulty warning labels – why you were injured by a drug or medical equipment. If it is revealed the manufacturer bears responsibility, you may be entitled to money for your injuries.

Unsure if your experience warrants a product liability lawsuit?

Here are some areas that are covered under product liability law, which includes drug recalls:

  • Automobiles (tires, air bags, car seats, seat belts)
  • Product recalls, such as pharmaceutical drugs, food and toys
  • Health Products, including drugs and medical equipment (contact lens solution)
  • Household Items (appliances, furniture, grooming items)
  • Landscaping Equipment (lawnmowers, leaf blowers)
  • Medical Products (MRI dye, defibrillator leads, hernia patches)
  • Recreational Equipment (sports, fitness, toys, playground)
  • Repair Equipment (tools, remodeling equipment)
  • Work-related Equipment (industrial, manufacturing, office)